Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sleepless nights

Has anyone seen the movie Shrek 3 where they had triplets?  When they finally were back in their swamp and the kids were in bed Shrek said in a teasing voice "What will we do now?".  The next scene shows Shrek and Fiona passed out on the bed!  This is pretty close to how we are feeling at the moment.

For the past three nights or so we have been struggling to get Stella to go to sleep.  I have tried staying in the room until she falls asleep.  It works, but it takes very long and I get nothing else done.  I've said to her she will have to sleep in the lounge if she keeps calling me all evening because she wakes her sister up.  This doesn't help either.  Last night, around 10:30pm she was still refusing to sleep and cried every time I left the room.  By that time I did have to move her to the lounge because Nika was starting to wake up.

Eventually she fell asleep on the one couch while I was wide awake on the other one.  This morning at 6am she was wide awake again and woke her sister up.  I'm exhausted.

I don't want this behavior to become a habit, but how do we prevent it?

Her shenanigans last night caused a lot of unnecessary stress and tension in the house.  I tried to convince hubby, or maybe myself that it is just a phase and it too shall pass.  Neither of us were convinced...

I am honestly beginning to think that "me time" is just a myth.  Never mind "couples-time" or date nights or whatever other time you are supposed to fit into your day.

Of course guilt steps in every time I wish I had a few minutes to myself just to relax.  I love my girls and love spending as much time with them as possible, but I very often wish there was a family member nearby whom I could call at a moments notice to just babysit them for an hour or so!  I especially feel guilty thinking this way because I'm working full day and don't see them during the day.  Sometimes I just think that there would have been a lot less arguments if we could every now and then ask someone to entertain them for a little while!

Bring on the weekend!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pre-schooler with Attitude!

Some days I just have to smile looking at Stella.  She has got such an attitude, it actually amazes me.  She is such a confident child... when she wants to be of course.  Her newest favorite hair-do consists of many hairbands put in her hair as well as every hair clip that she can lay her hands on.  She must be wearing about 7 hairbands in her hair to school today and a couple of clips.  Oh and don't forget the shades!  She found my pair of shades yesterday morning and has been wearing it since.  I at least managed to get her to put it in her drawer when she went to bed last night.

This morning her teacher said to me that one day she would like a daughter who is just like Stella.  This made me smile, because usually I have to hear the many criticisms from people about how she is too busy, etc.

Another thing that amazes me looking at my daughters is how they trust us so completely.  For example last night Nika stood up on the couch next to the one I was sitting on and just jumped towards me.  There was no warning... nothing.  Unfortunately she missed me and the couch and fell on the floor!  Luckily she didn't get hurt, but in her mind there must have been no doubt at all that I will catch her.  She started with this new game of jumping of the couch a few weeks ago when we visited friends.  She climbed up onto their ottoman and jumped off, just expecting that someone will be there to catch her.  Luckily we realized in time what she wanted to do and reached her just in time to catch her.  Obviously it gave us a huge fright, but she on the other hand found it hilarious!

Stella's new teacher started yesterday and apparently Stella behaved very well.  Hopefully this good behavior will last!

I was surprised when Stella asked if one of her toys were given to her by her Grandma as we don't live near our families and don't see them more often than maybe once a year.  She recently started asking to speak to "Ouma" on the phone.  Although we speak to her and Nika in English Ouma stays Ouma :)  It might be a good idea to Skype with the Oumas soon!