Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kids telling lies

Lately it regularly happens where Stella would do something wrong and then lies about who had done it.  For example, she would be eating and make a mess and immediately would say "Mommy, Daddy messed" or "Nika messed".  Even if they are not even in the same room or at home.  At first I didn't give the matter too much attention as I didn't want to make it worse by making a big deal out of it, but her dad and I got very worried at some point about this.

A couple of days ago I received this article from Babycentre which shed some light on the matter:

I honestly feel much better now after reading this and think the best way to handle it is to remind her that it is safe to tell us the truth and that if she does spill some juice or drop some food on the floor, etc. she will not necessarily get into trouble.  I'm sure she is scared that she will get into trouble, so making sure that she knows it is safe to tell the truth would definitely help the matter.  We didn't want her to think it is okay to tell lies about small things and then in due course start telling fibs about more serious issues.

Nika had noticed at some point that she has a very loud voice which she loves hearing!  So very often she will have a 'pretend-tantrum'.  The reason I say it is a pretend-tantrum is because one moment she will be playing happily and next moment, without anything happening or anything being wrong she will fall on the floor, have a 'tantrum' and a few seconds later it will all be over and she will continue playing as if nothing had happened.  I think it is a way for her to test her boundaries as well.

We have been staying over at a friend's place on weekends for the past couple of weeks.  He at first was very concerned about her 'tantrums' especially because I didn't necessarily react to them as I could tell it wasn't a real cry, only for him to realize last weekend that there in fact was nothing wrong with her!  Hubby and I found his reaction very amusing.

I can only imagine what must have been going on in his head when I didn't react to her 'crying'!  He probably thought I was the worst mother he has ever met.  When he told me that he only realized then that she wasn't really crying and that nothing was really wrong with her I realized that just maybe I should have explained my lack of reaction to him sooner!

Nika is such a little character with the cutest facial expressions sometimes.  You can see when she is planning something naughty in that little head of hers.  It is written all over her face and how she walks, her body language, everything tells you that whatever she is going to do, you better keep a close eye on her because it most-probably is something you have told her a million times she is not allowed to do.  Even though it drives me crazy at times, I find her facial expressions so cute!