Monday, November 10, 2014

It looks like a tree

Having little ones in your home most probably will guarantee some hilarious and sometimes embarrassing moments.  These past couple of weeks there were some very funny moments in our house.

About two weekends ago Hubby and I were still lying in bed, early Sunday morning.  It was one of those mornings where we would have loved another hour-or-so's sleep, but of course the littlies wouldn't let us.  Stella came into our room (after getting up at the break of dawn) and went over to her Daddy's side of the bed.  Not getting the attention she obviously was after, she started a conversation with her half-asleep daddy.  The conversation went something like this:
Stella:  "Daddy, what is that?"  (Pointing at his mustache).
Daddy did not answer, only tried to hide his smile.
Stella:  "It looks like a tree".
Daddy laughed, not saying anything.  Feeling a tad bit silly by the looks of things.
Stella:  "Daddy, why do you have a tree on your face?".
Daddy finally breaking the silence in a laughing voice:  "I think you are talking bull dust!"
Stella:  "Daddy, why does the tree look like bull dust?".

At this point neither of us could keep a straight face anymore.

We moved house last weekend and are still trying to recover.  They say you can never really catch up on lost sleep, and at this point and time I have to agree.  The girls love the new home and the fact that they can once again play outside.  Something that wasn't possible at the apartment we stayed in before.

On Saturday morning, Nika climbed onto our bed with us.  She asked to put her "princess" dress on which in actual fact is just a pretty little colourful, layered dress.  Obviously I couldn't resist the chance to cuddle with our cheeky little toddler.  As I attempted to give her a hug she said "No Mommy, don't touch the princess!".  I obliged, trying not to laugh as she was so serious.

Nika learned a new line which she uses every time a visitor is leaving or when Daddy needs to go to the shop.  As soon as the person gets into his/her car she will wave and say "bye-bye, see you later!".  It is just too cute to hear her little voice.

I catch myself more and more thinking that these are the moments we need to cherish, as they really grow up too fast.  To make mental notes (and written once for that matter) of things that they do or say and to really enjoy them.  Even when we are tired and over-worked and completely exhausted, because soon enough they will be teenagers with their own things to do and friends and school to keep them busy and we will surely miss these early childhood days.  This is not meant as a sad comment, but rather a realistic one.

A friend commented yesterday how lovely it is how Stella looks straight into your eyes when you are talking to her.  Precious girl.

They have a new favourite song: King Julian's version of "I like to move it, move it".  If Nika is standing in your way and you ask her to move she replies in the naughtiest voice "I like to move it!".  Soon enough both of them will start singing "I like to move it, move it" at the top of their voices.