Friday, October 17, 2014

It's just a baby!

It's just a baby:
As mentioned before we often get imaginary visitors.  I find Stella's 'interaction' with these imaginary friends very entertaining and amusing at the best of times.  Yesterday morning was no exception.

Once again, we were getting ready for work and school when Stella exclaimed "look Mom, I have a baby!".  Our dialogue was something like this:

Me:  "Oh, what is your baby's name?"
Stella:  "Genèva"
Me:  "That's a nice name"
Stella pretends to put the baby down to lie next to her on our bed.

In walks Nika, unaware of the little visitor, got on the bed and lied down next to Stella.  At this point Stella shouted, highly upset, "Mom!  Nika is lying on the baby!  It's just a baby!".  Of course I had to drop everything, run to the baby's rescue, pick 'her' up and move her to a save spot to make space for Nika.  Although I found this highly amusing, Stella was not impressed with her little sister.  Nika on the other hand gave Stella a look that made it clear she had no clue what she was on about.

Last night they were absolutely impossible.  They were sent to bed at around 8pm at which point they found everything we said or did or didn't say or do hilarious.  They were giggling so much that I had to send Daddy into the room to tell them to go to sleep.  Usually they would listen to him.  Not so last night.  He had to surrender and where he usually can keep a poker face, he actually came out of the room laughing and shaking his head.  At one point Stella actually seemed to have a laughing fit because I was telling them to stop whatever it was they were doing.  It made me laugh as much as I've tried not to.  After about the 3rd time Daddy went into the room to tell them to go to sleep they finally calmed down.

Bible Stories
We have started reading them Bible Stories at night before bed time and then they get a picture to colour in.  This has become a huge hit for them.  Nika decided that she only likes the blue crayon for some reason and Stella better not take it.  Stella on the other hand luckily prefers yellow or "lellow" as she likes to call it.  Nika decided that the "lellow" crayon does not work, obviously preferring the darker, more obvious colours.

After talking to Stella's teachers on so many occasions about the other kids, 2 specifically, teasing Stella about the way she speaks, I mistakenly thought that this was at an end.  Sadly it isn't.  Yesterday when I dropped her off at school she wanted to know if I packed her ballet clothes in.  She asked "Mom, where's my Bella?", Bella referring to ballet clothes.  The two girls whom I'm forever complaining about immediately shouted to each other from the back of the class "it is not Bella!  It is Ballet!", not in a nice manner, but in a teasing tone.  Both the teacher and her assistant again said nothing.  I really wished I had something to say at that point to put them both in their place, but for the sake of Stella and the fact that I didn't want to make a fuss to draw her attention to their bratty-ness and I couldn't think of anything clever to say, I kept quiet.  I really wish I knew how to handle this because it is getting to me.  Who knows what poor Stella must put up with during the day.  I can only imagine if that is what they are like in front of me that they will be even worse when I'm not there and the teachers have proven time and time again that they are not interested in doing anything.

All in all I'm glad it is weekend.  I feel drained after a busy week, but in a good way.  If that makes sense!