Thursday, September 25, 2014

I don't want it...

"No fank you Mom, I don't want it" seems to be Nika's newest favorite line.  I could be offering her anything, milk, food, breakfast cereal, anything.  I'm getting the same answer 90 % of the time, however, this doesn't actually mean she doesn't want whatever I'm offering.  She just likes saying it.  If you mistakenly believe it, you will surely hear it because she will scream at the top of her lungs until you give it back.  Another thing she loves saying is "I luv you!".  Of course that just melts my heart every time she says it.

Stella caused some drama at school last week apparently throwing her shoes in the teacher's face.  I was shocked and horrified to hear it, but knowing Stella, something must have pushed her to do it.  So after a discussion with the school principal I'm afraid I'm still non the wiser.  I can only assume that she got frustrated being misunderstood, as it is still very difficult sometimes to understand what she is saying, and she lost her temper.  Not that it makes her behavior right, but I can at least understand why she gets so upset.

We bought the kids a new dvd the other day, The Croods.  If you have seen the movie, you would know that they don't necessarily portray 'good table manners'.  I thought that the movie would be a bit rough for Stella at times, but she absolutely loves it and finds it hilarious!  I must admit that I also enjoy it to a point that I don't even mind watching it all the time.  She is over Queen Elsa and Princess Anna now, but started wearing her hair like Queen Elsa since yesterday.  Or her version of it anyway.

On Tuesday morning we were getting ready for school and work.  I walked in to the girls room and Stella suddenly put her hands behind her back trying to hide something from me.  Being a very observing Mommy (or that is what I like telling myself!) I have seen the sudden movement and demanded to know what she is hiding, to which she answered "I have a pider Mom!".  Needless to say my heart started racing and I started panicking, because one thing Stella is not is afraid of 'piders' or any other insects for that matter!  So the possibility of it really being a spider was very real.  The question that remained was whether it was alive or not.  She quickly stuck the culprit in her jacket pocket before I could demand her to through it away.  So now I had to carefully open the pocket to see what was inside.  Obviously it just had to be an insect of some sorts, don't ask me what, but luckily for me it wasn't alive!  I still got a fright though... to Stella's delight!  And they say girls are easier than boys and don't do these kind of things.......

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hearing, Talking and Imaginary Friends (or not)

I haven't posted anything in quite some time.  I had too much on my plate to get around to do any blog-posts as well.  So here is the latest:

Stella's hearing:
Lately, for the past few weeks or so Stella started talking exceptionally loud.  So much so that we were concerned that the problem with her hearing might have re-occurred.  On Monday we took her to to see the Audiologist to have her ears tested.  Her hearing is perfect!  So the conclusion we have come to is that the reason she is talking so loud has to do with her competing with her little sister for attention (and with her friends at school perhaps).  The Audiologist recommended speech therapy again which she will start again from next week.  We were getting worried about her speech that is still delayed seeing that she will start grade R next year and at times it is still quite hard to understand her.

Nika's talking:
Nika on the other hand is repeating EVERYTHING we say.  It is quite funny at times.  She has also learned the 'technique' of telling tales!  Or rather fibbing to get her big sister into trouble!  Whenever she falls or bumps her hand or head or foot or whatever the case may be, she will immediately run to me crying "Stella pushed!".  Poor Stella!  The other day Nika was in the room with her dad and me while Stella watched a movie in the lounge.  She got hurt and immediately said that Stella had pushed her.  Her dad and I were equally surprised that she would come up with that even though Stella wasn't even in the same room.  So now we take it with a pinch of salt when she says that Stella had pushed her and have to make sure before we punish Stella for something she didn't actually do.  Nika's newest favorite word is "hello".  We could be having a fat conversation or I could ask her to take her toys to her room and she would look at me with those innocent eyes and a big smile on her face and loudly say "hello!" as if it is the first time she has seen me all day!  She especially likes pulling this trick when I tell her to stop being naughty!

Imaginary friends:
The other day as we got home from school Stella started talking to someone.  We got to the door and she politely asked me to get out of the way so that "Lewis" can come in.  It was the first time I've 'met' Lewis.  At least I think she said his name is Lewis, but I cannot remember for sure.  This morning Hubby already left for work and the girls and I were getting ready for work and school.  Stella was having a fat conversation with someone (of course I didn't see anyone!).  The talking got so loud that I had to tell her to talk softer to which she replied "Mom, we're just talking!".  Luckily I don't get freaked out by her talking to people I cannot see.  I asked her what her friend's name is and she answered "Sakranos Pampinos".  I had a blank look on my face.  How am I supposed to remember Sakranos Pampinos if I am having trouble remembering if the previous friend was called Lewis or not?  I will have to start making notes.  I don't know whether Sakranos Pampinos is a boy or a girl either?  Whether she is only pretending or whether she actually has imaginary friends I don't know yet.