Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mom, may I have a sheep?

This morning while we were getting ready for work and school and Hubby opened the fridge door to take something out, Stella pointed to the fridge saying to me "Mom, may I have a sheep?".  I was obviously confused as I couldn't remember putting a sheep in the fridge!  So to make sure I've heard right I repeated "a sheep?".  "Yes, may I have a sheep?" she said.  That was the moment I started thinking about the sweeties that is lying in the fridge door, wondering if maybe there was one in the shape of a sheep, but couldn't think of any.  Then the realization hit me...  What my darling daughter actually wanted was a peach!  She had one two nights ago and obviously got the name wrong.  Just to make sure I asked "do you mean a peach?" to which she very proudly replied "yes!".

We have enrolled Stella for an extramural activity at school focusing on speech and using the correct language, pronunciation and speaking with confidence.  Ever since she started it I have picked up words and phrases she has been using which she didn't use before.  Lately, I'm not Mommy anymore, I'm simply Mom.  Every sentence she says to me starts with "Mom".

A conversation between us two nights ago:

Stella:  "Mom, what's your name?"
Me:  "My name is Marianna"
Stella:  "No Mom, what's your name?"
Me:  (Thinking very hard)  "... my name is Mommy"
Stella:  "Yes Mom, you're a big girl!"

Like a friend said, it is not every day you are being called a big girl!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Brilliant Child-Friendly Restaurant to visit in Franschhoek

After my last post about the horrible eating out experience in Cape Town I thought it is only fair to tell you when we did have a great experience at another restaurant.  Although it is quite a drive out there, the Col'Cacchio's in Franschhoek has undergone a metamorphosis over the past year or so.  At first whenever we visited this branch the service was poor, the food wasn't up to scratch and staff not friendly at all.  You would be lucky if they acknowledged within half-an-hour that you have arrived and are waiting for a table.

However, this being said, my opinion on this Restaurant has changed dramatically over our last few visits there.  The staff were all so friendly and welcoming to us and our littlies.  They now also have a lovely jungle-gym in an enclosed area where the kids can play.  We had lunch there on the weekend and they really kept our little ones entertained while we were eating (the kids weren't hungry as they already ate late that morning).  The waitress remembered us from our last two visits to the branch months ago and so did the manager.  From being my least favourite restaurant, they have now moved to 1st place!  We were so impressed.  They have a lovely outside area where the kids are free to run around a little and keep themselves entertained in the play-area.  The preparation of the food improved significantly.  We've had the best Arrosto Pizza which is a new item on their menu as well as the Piselli Pasta (slow cooked lamb pasta) I've had in a very very very long time.  It was simply scrumptious.  I highly recommend them to anyone who feels like taking a scenic drive to the lovely Franschhoek.  The girls loved it!

To tell you a bit more about the area, here is the link to the official Franschhoek Wine Valley website:

After watching the video clip at the bottom of their homepage it makes me want to drive back there and enjoy Nature's beauty and of course the good quality food and service at Col'Cacchios!