Monday, December 15, 2014

Counting our words

Little Nika is at an age where she repeats EVERYTHING we say.  So now we have to be so very careful (we should always be, I know) of what we say in front of her.  Yesterday was so funny, her daddy was telling Stella to pick up her toys and she echoed every command from him.  This really got to Stella who walked out of the lounge while making little fists shouting "Nikaaaa!!!!".  It was very funny, but of course we couldn't laugh because they were so serious about it.

Yesterday afternoon Nika fell over clothes that was lying on the floor ready to be washed, and bumped her head against the door frame.  She had a big bump on her forehead.  Luckily the bump is gone now.  I got such a fright!

They've got one of these bouncy animal things, I'm not sure what kind of animal it is, but it looks like it might be a cow.  (Not the one in the picture, theirs is yellow!).  One day Nika came to me and asked me where "Boink" is.  We soon realized that she was referring to her bouncy animal toy.  We thought it was so cute that she named it so appropriately.

We haven't done a 25 Days To Christmas craft since Friday due to a lack of concentration and a lack of time, but we did do our daily Bible stories surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ.  Yesterday at Sunday School they made Angel Crafts made from Doilies and colourful pipe-cleaners.  Something similar to this:

The difference was that the bigger doilies were used for the body and the smaller ones for the wings.  The heads and halos were made from the pipe-cleaners.  They also received a cover for a light switch each with the verse, John 8:2, written on it.

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