Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mom, No-one will like you!


Tuesday was a public holiday.  While Hubby and I were still asleep, Stella woke up and decided it is time to be her own hairdresser.  Within a few minutes she managed to cut all of her locks off!  I mean everything.  She came into our room with her hoodie on.  Seeing that it is summer, I found this a bit suspicious.  I asked her to please remove the hoodie, but she was hesitant.  After convincing her she took it off and I saw what she had done.  She simply said "Look Mom, I look like James".  I had no idea who James was.  I found out afterwards that he is a boy in her class.  At this point I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry.  It was pointless getting upset over it, because the scissors were left on a counter where she could reach them.  (May I just mention that I didn't leave them there!).  I took a picture of her new hair-do and showed her.  She was even more shocked than me and eventually started crying, begging me to put her long princess hair back!

The New School
The girls visited their new school and loved it!  I am so relieved.  They love their new teachers and when we dropped them off Stella asked me to please leave her at school and to go to work!  Honestly... Mom's must be so thick-skinned!

Enough TV for one day!
On the weekend we were about to go out when I told Stella she couldn't watch another DVD because we we had to go.  She was not impressed.  I've tried to explain that we were in a hurry to which she replied "Mom, no-one will like you!".  I must admit I did laugh to myself about that comment.  Obviously not where she could see me.  It reminded me so much of how cheeky I was at times when I was younger.

Routine went out the door!
Since the school holiday started the girls' routine is all messed up.  Granny is visiting so that is something new to them as well as we don't often get family visiting us.  That in itself caused their routine to be less-strict.  Last night they refused to go to sleep.  Daddy was working late and by 10PM I was still fighting to get them to go to sleep.  I heard Nika fiddling and went to see what she was up to.  I found her lying in the passage with her pillow on the cold tiles!  I took a picture and when she saw the camera she loudly said "Cheeeeeeese!" with a big grin on her face!  Looking at the picture today I think she was so cute, naughty but cute.  Last night I was not so amused.

25 Days to Christmas
We've done a few crafts and read passages from the Bible surrounding Jesus' birth and upbringing.  Here are a few things we did (again, most of the ideas came from Melanie B. http://melanieblignaut.wordpress.com/):
(I baked these for them as a surprise)

On the days we didn't make any crafts we were singing Christmas Carols or they've made crafts at Sunday School.

Wishing everyone and your families a blessed Christmas filled with love, joy and peace. 


Melanie B. said...

Oh boy! I think self-inflicted haircuts are a rite of passage for girls. Mine tried but the only available scissors were nail scissors, so they couldn't do much damage.

Photo Mom said...

Hi Melanie B, I feel terrible that I didn't see the scissors before she had gotten hold of them. She still asks me daily to make her hair long again.